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The Horizon Gold Review

Horizon Gold is intended for consumers having limited or no credit. Individuals who plan to take advantage of this card will have an opportunity to build an improved rating over time. This card is more or less a shopping card with purchases allowed on Horizon merchant only. There's no purchase APR, no annual fee, and no intro rates. Balance transfers are not allowed on this card. This card possesses limited features similar to a basic credit card. With the Road Side Protection Service, a stranded card member can call a hotline to receive immediate assistance from available automobile experts. This feature is subject to availability by location. Members incur applicable fees. Online account access is another feature for card members to log into their online account to check credit balance, expenses, and card charges. Account settings are also available for added flexibility to each card member. Comprehensive legal assistance plan is yet another feature that brings benefits on this card closer to the average credit card. Under this plan, card members are hooked up with the best legal teams they may be in need of. Approved applicants incur an application fee and may be subject to a monthly participation fee. The card issuers notify at least a credit bureau every 30 days. Easy access to the credit report means card members can now monitor their progress over time. With you knowing just how much you've scored over a period of time, it becomes easier to remain focused to achieving the goal ahead. Horizon Gold Card offers you a chance to build upon credit rating without having to incur much credit card debt. Persons who don't qualify for the usual higher limit cards can go for this. On meeting some requirements, approval is almost guaranteed. Although this card can only be used at Horizon merchant, limited purchases could be a blessing in disguise as it increases one's chances of remaining in good standing which could be crucial for improving credit rating. Applicants are strongly advised to go through card agreement or terms and conditions before applying.

The Horizon Gold Details

This card is The Stored Value Consumer card
Card Details
  • - Network: Other Networks
  • - Issuer: Other Issuers
  • - Type: Cards for Bad Credit, Guaranteed Approval, Shopping Cards
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Annual Fee $0*
Credit Needed Accepts All
Credit Reporting Yes
Intro APR (%) N/A *
Intro Period N/A*
Regular APR (%) 0.00%*
Grace PeriodN/A*
  • - Late payment fee: $20.00
  • - See website for Details*

Other Benefits

    - Roadside Protection Service
    - Unlimited access to your Credit Report
    - Comprehensive Legal Assistance Plan

Special Notes

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