Saving a Ton on Hair Care

Saving a Ton on Hair Care

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I’ll admit it. My hair is important to me. Call me vain if you must, but it’s the truth. No matter how much I hate washing money down the drain (literally) I can’t allow myself to not properly maintain my hair.

Over the years, I have found that the cost of hair maintenance adds up. Even with the most simple routine, there is the occasional trim and the cost of shampoo. Short of ceasing to wash or care for your hair completely, what can you do? Luckily, there are many ways you can save on hair care. Here are 15 great tips on how to save a ton of hair care.

  1. Opt for the cheap stuff. Sure the expensive, salon-quality shampoo smells nice and makes your hair shiny, but so can a cheaper drugstore shampoo. The truth is it’s all about trial and error. The trick is to try a few different types and see what works best for your hair.
  2. Shop sales. And with coupons. If you find a non-salon shampoo that works well for you, be on the lookout for sales. You can also hit the stores with coupons in hand to make it even cheaper.
  3. Shop out of the salon. If you can’t get away from the pricey salon goods, try looking for your brand elsewhere. Some department stores and drugstores carry salon shampoos for a slightly lower price. Check out big name stores like CVS, Walmart, Target and even online like at
  4. Be normal. Unless you hair is badly damaged or dyed, you do not need to spring for the specialty shampoos. For most people, the “normal” shampoo is perfectly fine, and costs less.
  5. Less is more. It doesn’t take a whole handful of shampoo to get your hair clean. Start with a dime size amount (a little more if your hair is very long) and add just a tiny bit more if needed. Another way to control how much you use is to use a pump bottle. Start with just one pump if you have short to medium length hair, and 2 pumps for long hair.
  6. Wash less. Did you know that washing daily can actually be drying out your scalp, causing it to over-produce oil? It’s really a bad cycle. Over-washing strips the hair’s natural oils, making it over compensate and produce even more oil, causing you to want to wash even more. Washing your hair 2-3 times a week could save you money and balance out your natural oils. Be forewarned that it may take a few weeks for your scalp to naturally balance itself out, so don’t give up right away.
  7. Skip shampoo. Even heard of no-poo? Some people swear by it, others not so much. Instead of conventional shampoo, you wash your hair with a baking soda and water mixture, and condition with apple cider vinegar. The theory behind it is similar to not washing daily. Conventional shampoos strip the hairs natural oil causing your head to create more oil, making you want to wash even more. These specific natural ingredients will help restore the pH balance to your hair, making it less oily, shinier and give it more body. Don’t like the smell of apple cider vinegar? Another option for natural conditioner is rubbing a small amount of coconut oil through your hair.
  8. Make your own detangler. Instead of buying kids’ detangling products, make your own by mixing one part conditioner with 10 parts water. Place in an empty spray bottle and shake it up.
  9. Go low maintenance. Choosing a low maintenance cut will automatically help you reduce the amount of styling products your ‘do requires.
  10. Get your hair cut less. Having a low maintenance cut also helps in this department. With a style that doesn’t look too shabby if it is grown out a little too long, you can afford to stretch the time in-between cuts.
  11. Use coupons. Many hairstylists advertise in local magazines and phone books with coupons and discounts. If you go to a nationwide chain, you may be able to find a coupon online.
  12. Use the local beauty school. Another way to save on your cut is to go to your local beauty school. Even though they are still learning, you can often get a salon-worthy cut for a small fraction of the price.
  13. Watch the deal sites. Local deal sites like Living Social and Groupon often feature salon. Sign up for email notifications so that you never miss a deal you are looking for.
  14. Cut it yourself. If you’re a guy, you can buzz your own head. If you’re a gal, not so much. But you can trim your own bangs. You can also buzz your son’s hair and trim your daughter’s ends, provided she doesn’t sport and overly complicated hair style.
  15. Color it yourself. The drugstore offers a plethora of color options, and even has high and low light options as well. While your high-priced hair stylist may not agree with it, if you are a one-color type of hair dyer, you can make the switch to store bought hair color with little to no casualties. If you are brave and want to highlight your own hair, consider asking a friend for assistance, at least for the first experiment. Once you get good at it, you are good to go on your own.

The up keep on styled hair can add up quickly. Rather than completely giving up on keeping your hair maintained, do what you can to save money on your hair care. Use these 15 tips to help you cut hair care corners and save a ton of money.


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