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Are you well versed in the personal finance industry? Have you become an expert on how to live on a budget? Your knowledge and experience can be well suited to our website, providing advice to others.

You can join our blogging community to share your information with the world. Whether you’re an experienced writer or simply have a lot of tips to talk about, you may be just who we’ve been looking for to add content to our site.

Why blog for us?

There are a number of reasons to do so.

You will gain a lot of exposure! We have a steadily growing community of readers, which allows your content to be viewed time and time again. A marketing team behind the scenes will help you get the recognition and exposure you’re looking for as a blogger. Once you get the notoriety you are looking for in the blogosphere, you may have a number of other opportunities presenting themselves to you.

You will have all the flexibility you want! We offer a wide range of topics relating to personal finances. Many writers are writing content for us, which means we have the ability to let you write about what you know and what you love. We’re not going to force you to write lackluster content that doesn’t appeal to you. Why? We’ve got other writers that find those topics to be of the utmost interest and can write them with a spark just like you can on other topics.

What does it take to be a blogger with our site?

You may have lots of experience and lots of things to share, but we want to make sure you can do so effectively. For this reason, we ask that you send us some samples of your work. These samples should not have been previously published elsewhere and should relate in some way to the industry of personal finance. They can be about budgets, frugal living, coupon cutting or anything else that will help people with their finances.

If you’re not sure about what we are looking for, read through some of our previously published blogs. Once you get familiar with the style of blogs we publish, it will help you to write in that same style.

Here’s what you should send us

  • 3 posts of about 700 words
  • 5 Specific ideas for future posts
  • Your background and what makes you an expert on your topic

We’re looking for high-end writing that is smart and helpful. We want our readers to be captivated and inspired when they read any kind of content on our site – which means we expect a lot out of our writers. Take control of your writing and be entertaining. When you can hook us at the first sentence and inspire us to take action at the end, you will have a better shot of becoming one of Credit Dad™ bloggers.

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