Is your hair care routine breaking your budget? Maintaining lustrous and healthy hair doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. This guide provides you with 15 powerful, yet practical, tips for cost-effective hair care. From embracing sales and coupons, considering economical alternatives, adopting a minimalist approach to using DIY solutions, these tips ensure you save money without compromising on the quality of your hair care routine. Discover how to enjoy fabulous hair while keeping your wallet happy!

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Only one-third of Americans have credit scores higher than 680; the rest fall somewhere below that magic number, according to Experian. A new report, though, raises a lot of questions as to why the housing and real estate markets are doing so well. Turns out, prime mortgages are being denied…

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The average American saves approximately 4.2% of their income, but there are some individuals who are able to put away much more than that because they live ultra frugal lifestyles. In fact, they manage to save approximately half of their take-home pay. While this may involve some rather extreme strategies,…

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When you’re single, you can live a lifestyle that doesn’t require much insurance. You might arrange to have some health coverage and the minimum required for your car to run legally, and then you can call it a day. It’s amazing what happens though once you have children. With children…

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The bond market has been a topic of conversation in recent times in that it is slated to crash. In fact, master investors have been advising other investors to not own bonds and, if they do own them, it may be wise for them to move away from them. Investors…

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