Looking for a card that doesn't fuss about your past credit? The Boost Platinum Merchandise Credit Card might be for you. With a $750 limit and no credit checks, it's ready for you. Use it at The Horizon Outlet, and forget about hidden interest rates. It's simple and tailored for those with bad or no credit.
  • Bad Credit, No Credit? No Problem!
  • Fast and Easy Application
  • No Employment or Credit Check
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Card Issued by Horizon Card Services

The BOOST Platinum Card Review

Tired of being denied credit because of your credit history? The Boost Platinum Merchandise Credit Card might be your answer. With a $750 limit, no APR, and a nominal monthly fee, it's tailored to suit those with credit scores from zero to 599.

What sets Boost Platinum apart

No Employment or Credit Check. This process is designed to be hassle-free, allowing more people access to the credit they need. Even if you've been denied elsewhere, the Boost Platinum Card may be available to you.
Exclusive Shopping Experience. Spend your limit at TheHorizonOutlet.com, and enjoy the freedom to select from a wide range of products without the need for traditional credit approval.
Credit Hawk for Credit Protection. With 24/7 monitoring, you're never caught off guard. Stay ahead of potential threats and protect your financial health with this innovative feature.
Fantastic Member Benefits. Everything from identity theft insurance to roadside protection is included. The card's benefits go beyond traditional credit offers, providing essential services that bring additional value to your daily life.
Credit Line Exclusively for Merchandise Shopping. Enjoy the financial flexibility with the $750 credit limit that allows you to shop for merchandise without concern.

Boost Shopping Credit says yes when others say no, making it a refreshing option for those struggling with credit. If you're tired of the limitations placed on your financial life because of past mistakes or difficulties, the Boost Platinum Card offers a way forward. It's not just about providing a credit line; it's about helping you take control of your financial journey with features and benefits designed specifically for those who need them most. Try it today, and see how Boost Platinum can make a difference for you.

The BOOST Platinum Card Details

This card is The Stored Value Consumer card
Card Details
  • - Network: Other Networks
  • - Issuer: Horizon Card Services
  • - Type: Cards for Bad Credit, Instant Decision, Shopping, Unsecured, No Credit Check
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Credit Needed Accepts All*
Credit Reporting No*
Intro APR (%) N/A
Intro Period N/A
Regular APR (%) 0.00% (Fixed)*
Grace Period None*
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Other Benefits

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