Experience the transformative power of fintech with the Current Build Card. Merging the essentials of modern banking with progressive credit-building, this card is a game-changer for personal finance. Delight in faster payments, high-yield savings, and streamlined crypto transactions.
  • Credit for everyone regardless of your credit history!
  • Get paid up to 2 days faster. Using Direct Deposit.
  • Build credit not debt.
  • Grow your savings. Earn up to a 4.00% Bonus on Savings Pods
  • Reports on time payments to TransUnion
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The Current Build Visa® Credit Card Review

Maximizing Modern Finance with the Current Build Card
The Current Build Card emerges as a pioneer in the fintech domain, blending seamless credit-building with the benefits of modern banking. With its no-credit-check policy, it serves as a beacon for those struggling with traditional financial systems. Not only does every swipe fortify your credit, but it also ensures you reap rewards without accumulating debt. The card, a brainchild of the esteemed financial technology company, Current, is backed by reputable institutions like the Cross River Bank. Banking features such as getting paid faster and accessing a broad spectrum of 55,000 ATMs elevate its user experience. Moreover, its savings potential, especially with a whopping 4.00% APY on Savings Pods, redefines modern saving norms. But that's not all; the card delves into the world of crypto, offering zero-fee trades on popular coins. In essence, the Current Build Card isn't just a financial tool—it's the future of personal finance.

The Current Build Visa® Credit Card Details

This card is The Stored Value Consumer card
Card Details
  • - Network: VISA®
  • - Issuer: Other Issuers
  • - Type: Cards for Bad Credit, Instant Decision, Building Credit, No Credit Check, Rebuild Credit
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Rewards UnitCash
  • Earn up to 7x the points on card swipes
Annual Fee $0*
Credit Needed Accepts All*
Credit Reporting Yes*
Intro APR (%) N/A
Intro Period N/A
Regular APR (%) 0.00% (Fixed)*
Grace Period N/A
  • - AllPoint Transactions: FREE
  • - Overdraft Fee: $0
  • - Cash Load Fee: $3.50
  • - International Transaction Fee: 3%
  • - Replacement Card Fee: $5.00
  • - Express Mail Fee: $30.00
  • - Domestic Cash Withdrawal: $2.50
  • - Domestic OTC Withdrawal: $2.50
  • - Int'l Cash Withdrawal: $3.00
  • - Int'l OTC Withdrawal: $3.00

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